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We all like to keep calm, think positively and be creative. By shopping at Peace Gifts Shop you have constant reminders to raise your spirits and  uplift your mood every day to bring peace, happiness and joy into your life especially during these challenging times.

Clothing includes T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, polo shirts, eco friendly apparel, sportswear and household goods like clocks, cushions  and so much more. Priceless gifts that will be a constant reminder of the peace, love, joy and creativity we can all experience. Apparel to be treasured for many years.

Enjoy constant reminders of wisdom from around our planet to become more calm, creative and loving. We keep being informed that thought is creative so experience the joy our creations can bring. Many designs celebrate and encourage interfaith harmony.

With each purchase you are making a real difference by supporting this charity (number 1177751) and funding inter religious harmony in our society and the Holy Land. See below for more details.

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The Abrahamic Reunion started in the Holy Land in 2004 as a team of religious & spiritual leaders – men, women, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, & Druze – dedicated to uplifting human consciousness and building peace. They do this by opening hearts and minds to the love and wisdom of all spiritual traditions.

The Abrahamic Reunion now works in other countries to provides education, inspiration and action to promote inter-religious harmony in our multi-faith society. We are non-political and respect all faiths and spiritual paths equally. We also acknowledge those, such as Humanists who play a vital role in bringing peace to our troubled planet.

Whatever faith you follow, if any, join the Abrahamic Reunion in this noble task.  “Man must first create peace in himself if he desires to see peace in the world; for lacking peace within, no effort of his can bring any result”. Hazrat Inayat Khan

Donations Welcome.

Peace Gifts Shop sells gifts associated with peace, creativity and interfaith harmony to raise funds for the Abrahamic Reunion. All our profits from the sales of the apparel are donated to the Abrahamic Reunion England Charity number 1177751. These profits are the funds we receive after all our costs are paid.  Our staff/trustees do not receive any payments.

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BBC Radio 2

Interview with David and Anna Less founder members
of the Abrahamic Reunion.


  • Mikail John Davenport
    I was pleasantly surprised at the overall selection and beauty of the gifts available on Peace Gifts. All the shirts and hoodies I bought have kept me warm on the inside while promoting peace, love, harmony and beauty to all who see me wearing them. What a great service and fundraising effort!  
    Mikail John Davenport
    Interfaith Minister in Texas
  • S Nadeem Kazmi
    The Abrahamic Reunion stands out as a reminder that we are of one unified origin. In celebrating our human diversity, inter-connectedness and interdependence we are ‘reunited’ in facing common challenges as one family. I celebrate your achievements and congratulate your work.
    S Nadeem Kazmi
    Human Rights Advocate and Humanitarian Consultant.
  • Dr Jenny Goodman
    I find myself totally inspired by the work of the Abrahamic Reunion. In a darkening world, they are lighting the way to peace and understanding, and showing us all that the impossible is in fact possible.
    Dr Jenny Goodman
    Medical doctor and psychotherapist.
  • Lord Hylton
    The work of the Abrahamic Reunion was never more needed than now. Remember the Alexandria Declaration which united the three great faiths, to demand ceasefires and genuine negotiations for a comprehensive peace. Public opinion on all sides must be mobilized for this purpose.
    Lord Hylton
    House of Lords
  • Coleman Barks
    I love the Abrahamic Reunion and the Peace Gifts Shop. “All the faiths in communion, eating at the same table. This is a dinner that Rumi would love to attend".
    Coleman Barks
    Well known author and translator
  • Malcolm Stern
    This is noble work and the Abrahamic Reunion has the ambitious goal of peace between all religions. May their work continue to spread the message of harmony in a world that is so much in need of it
    Malcolm Stern
    Co-founder of Alternatives at St James Church, Piccadilly, London, UK
  • Michael  Pierce
    I love my new Peace teeshirt!   Happy Chanukah   Michael  
    Michael Pierce
    T M teacher from N W London
  • Sarah
    I love your gift shop!  The T shirts are going to such a good cause, I can't thank you enough. I love wearing a T shirt that not only acts as an affirmation but sends a message of peace and good feelings to others.  
    Berkeley, California