The Gift of Peace. Peace Gifts Shop

What’s a gift you cannot buy, everyone secretly wants, and you can always give?

The gift of peace.

And now you have three ways to give it.

This holiday season, The Abrahamic Reunion is running a contest where the winners are your competitors. You actually can’t win for yourself - but yet you do.

The Abrahamic Reunion is dedicated to promoting peace in the world, so we’ve devised a contest to spread the message. The way the contest works is that there are two categories in which you can compete.

First, you can write a short story about what peace means to you.

Submit your story as a comment. Once approved, other readers can read and comment on your post. As a writer, your mission is to inspire the world with your story of peace. The stories that resonate with the most people will be published in our newsletter and featured on the site. Even the words of a child can be powerful. So be brave and share because taking a stand for peace is a brave act.

Or, second, design a graphic that symbolizes peace.

Writers are not the only ones being asked to submit work to help spread peace. Designers are also able to contribute. Graphic designers can submit art which could be used for member-based t-shirts to support the fund-raising efforts of the site. We are bombarded with lots of symbols of war. We feel that, when there are more symbols of peace, we all become more peaceful, and peace may win over war in our culture.

So, designers, artists and creative people - submit a link to your artwork in a comment. Approved designs will be offered for comment. The best designs will be used on our products to support the site and spread peace.

Once again, the only compensation offered are boasting rights and a featured product design.

Not a writer or designer? There is a third way to contribute.

The gift shop offers ways for people to contribute and all profits are used to support the work of the charity. If all you have is money, well OK. Buying shirts or other items to spread the symbols of peace is a valid way to contribute.

Many non-profit organizations close off contribution by limiting how people can contribute - by giving money only. The Abrahamic Reunion England is giving people with a story, or an artistic expression of peace, a way to contribute. In fact, these may be the most important ways.

If you know someone to whom peace is a core value, please send them our way.

Thanks from all of us at The Abrahamic Reunion.

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The Gift of Peace. Peace Gifts Shop
The Gift of Peace. Peace Gifts Shop
The Gift of Peace. Peace Gifts Shop
The Gift of Peace. Peace Gifts Shop
The Gift of Peace. Peace Gifts Shop

All profits from the sale of our gifts go towards bringing peace between religious communities. As we are a charity no wages are taken by the Peace Gifts shop volunteers.

The Gift of Peace. Peace Gifts Shop

Abrahamic Reunion England is a registered charity number 1177751.