The perfect place to purchase incredible personalised gifts for you and your loved ones. Priceless gifts that will bring peace and be treasured for many years. Knowing that with each purchase you are making a real difference by supporting this charity.

To quote Coleman Barks, well known author and translator describing Peace Gifts Shop  “I love the Abrahamic Reunion and the Peace Gifts Shop.”  “All the faiths in communion, eating at the same table. This is a dinner that Rumi would love to attend.” 

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We offer products with one theme: peace. A continuous reminder of the peace we can achieve  within ourselves and the peace that can and is being obtained in our society. How? See Help make a real difference by purchasing gifts from 

All profits from the sale of our gifts go towards bringing peace between religious communities.

As we are a charity no wages are taken by the Peace Gifts shop volunteers.


Purchase clothing, mugs, posters, mouse mats, stickers, flasks, bags, bibs, badges, buttons and so much more. Choose a gift, then select colour and size. If you wish, personalise it with your own special message,

e.g. Happy Birthday Dad, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, etc.

                                  Do let us know if there is a design you would like us to add.

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The  easiest way to view a sample of our products is to go to the appropriate site

and visit our showroom. To view our designs select accessories then select buttons.

This shows all the designs available in a vast selection of products.


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A: Yes, unique messages can be added to most of the gifts.
A: To spread the Abrahamic Reunion‘s message of religions for peace by making the message more visible and raising funds for this important work.
A: All money we make goes to support the work of the charity see
A: You’ll find a vast selection of colours and sizes while you place your order.
A: Spreadshirt promise 100% satisfaction. View the Spreadshirt Terms.
A: Email us at:-