I like one of the designs but it is not shown on the item I’m thinking of ordering.

Our designs can be added to most of the products.

Can I add my own special message to a friend or relative?

Yes, unique messages can be added to most of the gifts.

Why Peace Gifts Shop?

To spread the Abrahamic Reunion‘s message of religions for peace by making the message more visible and raising funds for this important work.

Where do the funds go?

All money we make goes to bring peace and harmony in our multi faith society. See www.abrahamicreunionengland.org charity number 1177751.

What if I don’t like the colours Peace Gifts Shop have selected for the clothing and other gifts?

You’ll find a vast selection of colours and sizes while you place your order.

What if I am not delighted with one of the items I receive?

Spreadshirt promise 100% satisfaction. View the Spreadshirt Terms.

I have a question not answered here.

Email us at:- peace@abrahamicreunion.co.uk

How can I contact Peace Gifts Shop?

Email us at:- peace@abrahamicreunion.co.uk

I live outside the USA and Europe but would like to place an order?

Visit the USA and European shop to select the ideal shop to place your order.

I like one of the designs but would like to also add the design to the back of the T Shirt?

Most of the designs can be easily amended. The position can be changed and the design can be added to the back of the garment.