Self-Acceptance as a Pathway to Inner Peace

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How to Let Go of Stress and Find Inner Balance
May 13, 2022
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Self-Acceptance as a Pathway to Inner Peace

In today’s world, academic and financial achievement are considered far more important than an inner feeling of well-being. Most of us have not been taught how to manage our emotions at home or in the workplace.  Rather, we are encouraged to hide our emotions and get criticised when we act impulsively.

However, simply supressing our emotions will doesn’t bring us inner peace. Feeling calm and peaceful has nothing to do with the outside world. It is about mastering the skill of self-acceptance and awareness.

Since we have not been taught how to be mindful, we are estranged from our emotions and from one another.

Emotions are a fundamental part of the human existence, but they are misinterpreted, after generations have ignored, criticised, and frequently repressed or shut off what they truly feel.

Before you go too far outward, it is critical to look within and embrace who you are. Understanding your emotions and accepting what you see and feel is an excellent starting point.  

When we feel guilty or ashamed, the regions of the brain involved in growth and learning closed down. Lack of s elf-acceptance prevents positive changes and improvement.  Mindfulness is an excellent method for developing self-acceptance. Here are top 4 steps you can take towards self-acceptance

1. Allow Yourself to Express Emotions

Whenever you want to suppress your emotions, learn to accept them instead. Allow yourself to express your emotions. When we were young, experiencing strong emotions was frequently overwhelming, especially if we didn’t have a caring adult to sympathise with.

When we were young, experiencing strong emotions was frequently exhausting, especially if we didn’t have a caring adult to sympathise with us. Yet, as adults, we can deal with any feeling that arises. Relax. Have faith in yourself. 

2. Determine Which Emotion(s) You’re Experiencing

Simply identifying a feeling will make you feel better. When we recognise a feeling, it fades away. Every feeling should be welcomed as you would a dear friend.


For instance, if you’re feeling offended by your nearest and dearest, talk to your spouse or a friend and tell them how they’ve harmed you. If you’re furious, consider setting healthier boundaries and don’t allow anyone to disrupt your inner peace. Every feeling you experience has a function. You must acknowledge your emotions and accept them. 

3. Be Your Own Best Friend

Every feeling will lead you to a course of action that will boost your sense of well-being. Listen to your intuition and never ignore your gut feeling even if it only makes a minor shift, you’ll feel much better. Life is full of ups and downs. You need to become your best friend and accept ourselves regardless of how you feel.

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