How to Let Go of Stress and Find Inner Balance

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May 5, 2022
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How to Let Go of Stress and Find Inner Balance

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Making time to unwind is fantastic, yet it is in the midst of the rush of daily life that we require tranquillity the most. People frequently seek the proper surroundings to help them acquire a sense of inner calm. In truth, this state of serenity, kindness, and mindfulness exists inside of us. It’s as if we had a vast pool of calm and tranquillity within us. What we need to learn is how to access it. There’s this belief that if you’re in a calm environment, you’ll be able to access this state more easily. However, you don’t have to silence all the noise to attain inner calm.


Here are 4 simple practises that will help you find inner peace and relax your mind.

  1. Create a Mental Image of Your Happy Place

This practise gets easier with experience, and the greater your vision, the more powerful it is. It’s fine if it takes you a bit to figure out where your happy place is.
Close your eyes and visualise a sunny beach, an orchard in the countryside, a beautiful park, or a memorable trip. Try to truly absorb all the nuances in your mind’s eye—the scents, sounds, textures, and touch. Accessing these pleasant memories will prompt your mind to achieve a state of calmness and serenity.

2. Cultivate Gratitude

The benefits of being thankful to have been consistently emphasised by psychologists worldwide, and cultivating gratitude, is another approach to swiftly achieve that state of calmness. There are several easy routines that will help you to start practising gratitude on a daily basis: appreciate small things in life such as nice weather, a tasty meal, and being close to your nearest and dearest. You can keep a record of all the things you are grateful for in a small gratitude journal.
If you’re having trouble thinking of anything to be grateful for in the midst of a hectic or irritating situation, start by listing things you’re pleased aren’t happening to you, and soon you will find many things to be thankful for.

3. Accept Your Life as It Is

When we resent our circumstances and surroundings, we end up feeling stressed and unhappy. Going with the flow of life and accepting the nature of reality over which you have no power is the long-term objective, no matter how tough it may be. Acceptance is a general approach to living a peaceful life and finding joy in challenging conditions.

It’s a difficult procedure, and your mind may resist it at first. That’s why it’s called “practise”—it’s natural to not do it right the first, twentieth, or hundredth time. Whenever you begin to feel really anxious, simply stop and say to yourself that you accept your current circumstances the way they are and are grateful for whatever life brings you, and every situation is the chance to become stronger and wiser.

4. Make Use of Affirmations and Uplifting Quotes

Repeat positive affirmations or inspiring quotes by famous spiritual leaders that represent the kind of life and attributes you wish to create. Powerful affirmations will help you find inner peace and become more determined to achieve your goals.


Browse our collection of inspiring items and choose a motivating quote from a great book or spiritual leader that appeals to you the most. It will help you let go of stress and find inner balance.

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