What Does Peace Mean To You?

About Abrahamic Reunion England

The Abrahamic Reunion was established in 2004 in Israel and the West Bank to bring peace and friendship between the people of the Abrahamic Religions. The Abrahamic Reunion England was established in 2015 and provides education, inspiration and action to promote inter-religious harmony in our multi-faith society. They are non-political and respect all faiths and spiritual paths equally. They also acknowledge those, such as Humanists who play a vital role in bringing peace. They demonstrate ways in which different faiths can and are working together to promote interfaith harmony. This includes presentations at schools, universities, places of worship, and private homes. They place special emphasis on presentations and workshops at prisons. To raise funds they have just opened a shop selling gifts associated with peace and interfaith harmony, many of the gifts include inspiring quotes, see peacegifts.shop.