5 Ways of Cultivating Gratitude to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Emotional Wellbeing

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 5 Ways of Cultivating Gratitude to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Emotional Wellbeing

We’re fatigued from the pandemic, and although it may be therapeutic to create a list of everything we’ve sacrificed, everything we’re sick of, and everything we want to get out of our mind for good, showing appreciation is a much healthier approach than showing resentment.

Grateful people are a great source of inspiration. Gratitude has a significant influence on a person’s physical and mental well-being, as well as their sense of purpose, enthusiasm, and sense of togetherness.

The best part is that expressing gratitude can help alleviate feelings of frustration. One of the simplest ways to improve your emotional wellbeing and make life more pleasant is to cultivate gratitude.

Research has shown that relationships between more grateful people tend to be better because they value their loved ones more and their loved ones, sensing that appreciation, tend to reciprocate by proving that they deserve it. Grateful individuals experience greater wellbeing, as do those who have more positive outlooks on life, higher quality sleep, and positive interpersonal interactions.

There are several ways of cultivating gratitude daily. Practice these activities over the next several weeks and you should see a significant increase in your awareness of the good aspects of your life, less focus on unpleasant or stressful occurrences, and a higher respect to your loved ones.

Here are 5 ways of incorporating gratitude into your daily routine.

Shift your mindset towards optimism.

You must actively perceive and be cognizant of the beauty you are surrounded by, not merely passively take in its splendor. Embrace the beauty of autumn’s changing hues. The fragrances of Christmas cuisine and the twinkle of decorations, enjoy them like a kid. You’ll appreciate your life more if you savor it and appreciate everything it has to offer. Remember to be thankful for everyday experiences like a cup of coffee, spring blossoms, birds in your yard singing or an armchair that seems like a cocoon. Rather than focusing on the problems, choose to concentrate on the positives. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel after following this simple step.

Express appreciation verbally. 

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. It’s much more powerful to express your gratitude in a group setting. Provide positive feedback to your colleagues during team meetings and try to avoid harsh criticism at all costs. Constructive criticism and appreciation will raise the team spirit encouraging your coworkers to work harder. You and your company will benefit from expressing and sharing thanks during team meetings in the long run. Make it a point to express your gratitude to others regularly, make expressing gratitude a habit each day. Whether over a meal with the extended family or a company gathering, express thanks to one another.

Entourage yourself with grateful people.

The more time you spend with individuals who are pessimistic or have a scarcity perspective, the more likely you are to adopt the same attitude.

When you’re surrounded by grateful individuals, it’s easier to be grateful and appreciative yourself. There is a noticeable improvement in your mood, as well as an increase in energy and motivation.

Express gratitude through your deeds, not just words. 

Thank those who have helped you or made your life a bit simpler by doing acts of kindness for them – helping out in the garden, cooking them a meal or inviting them over for a cup of tea. It’s a certain method to not just brighten someone else’s day, but also to spread the type of happiness that makes others want to be around you.

Keep a record of all the good things that happened to you.

“I am grateful for the wonderful scenery from my window, for the lovely meal my partner made for me today and for good, honest and loyal friends, who are always by my side no matter what happens” you can write in a simple journal entry. This can help you realize how much you have to be grateful for. In addition, it will enhance your feeling of well-being and contentment with your current situation. As a simple act of gratitude, writing down the things you’re thankful for helps you stop, contemplate, and reaffirm your good experiences.

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